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      A breathtaking destination, filled with wandering trails, endless beaches and unique experiences everywhere you look.

      Welcome to Prince Edward Island

      Let lighthouses guide you along our culinary trail to beaches, historic sites and attractions, artisan studios, amusement parks and parklands along with more festivals and events than you can count.

      #ExplorePEI Authenticated Traveller Photos

      Discover Prince Edward Island

      Getting Here is Easy

      A Place for Everyone

      Yes, Prince Edward Island is small in size, but you’ll be surprised by the abundance of adventure and activity that awaits. Explore our fishing villages, charming small towns, sprawling farming communities and thriving urban centres.

      North Cape Coastal Drive

      Beyond red cliffs and miles of coastline, here you’ll find houses made of bottles, a giant potato that stands 14 feet high, the Oyster capital of the world, happy Griswold and an entire alpaca herd and so much more.


      In this seaside city, you are never more than a few minutes by coastal boardwalk or cycling trail to local restaurants and cafes, historic buildings, cultural attractions and entertainment.

      Red Sands Shore

      This route is named for its red sand beaches, cliffs and scenic heritage roads. Here you’ll discover artisans, theatre, expansive nature trails, makers of craft beer, wine, spirits and cider as well as views of the Confederation Bridge.

      Green Gables Shore

      The quaint fishing villages and rural communities of the north shore inspired L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Discover sandy beaches, amusement parks, coastal trails, world-class music and culinary delights.


      Feel the energy of this capital city with the perfect combination of historic and new architecture and accommodations. Discover classic pubs, fusion restaurants, modern coffee shops and cafes, festivals and events, live music and world-class theatre.

      Points East Coastal Drive

      The eastern end of the Island is all about the beaches - over 50 just minutes apart. Let lighthouses guide you to phenomenal parks, historic attractions, fine cuisine, artisan studios, festivals and events and welcoming places to stay.

      Where to Stay

      Whether your preference is waterfront, luxury, downtown, camping or the unusual - our operators take great pride in their establishments and are ready to help you have a safe and memorable vacation.?

      Come Find Your Island

      To the curious, the creative and those who leap at the chance to make each day more exciting than the last. Discover the real Island way of life with an Authentic PEI Experience.

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